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80 customers rate Intertax with an average score of 8.2/10
L. van de sanden
Breda op 21-08-2019
Breda op 30-07-2019

"I am very at peace "

W Mandemakers
Breda op 21-07-2019
W Mandemakers
Breda op 18-07-2019
L. van de sanden
Breda op 17-07-2019
Breda op 29-05-2019

"Well on time. Neat bus with driver. Nice on time at Schiphol. Such a taxi ride gives you a carefree holiday feeling."

Breda op 28-05-2019

"The taxi was on time. Very neat and nice driver. Very neat taxi bus and a comfortable ride to and from Schiphol. Such a taxi ride gives you a carefree holiday feeling."

Tilburg op 24-05-2019

"Arrive on time and at destination, top! You will get there with Intertax :-)"

L. van de sanden
1934 Zaventem, Belgiƫ Breda op 06-05-2019
Fenesara Kgwedi
Breda op 23-03-2019

"The service was perfect. Came in time "

bas van santvoord
4819 EB Breda op 17-03-2019
Jan Marcelis
Oisterwijk op 14-11-2018

"Beautiful on time. Very friendly and helpful driver. Good car. Driver gave a safe feeling on the road. Great company. Come back for the next time"

Jacko Rijzenga
Breda op 10-09-2018
Gert-Jan Jonker
Breda op 08-09-2018

"Almost half an hour late, for another solution we would have to pay an extra 40 euros and the driver was too stubborn to take a faster route despite the fact that we kindly indicated this Huge setback"

TILBURG op 07-09-2018

"More than a month ago booked and paid ... after many calls (phone is not recorded) mailed. Received confirmation. Day before departure from Ibiza to Eindhoven, nicely received a text message with the message Dear Customer, as soon as you have all your luggage tomorrow you can call the driver. Taxi events. +31 6 27 37 30 87, I did this. At 11.40 am, I received the reply that the driver had another ride, and that I had indicated in my application that I wanted to be picked up at 1:00 pm, and that my flight was not known on the eindhoven app and that I had given the wrong flight number, and that I had to wait. I phoned the phone number of the text message driver to clarify why this misunderstanding had arisen. From this gentleman I got to hear one lie after the other, and if I did not do what he said, he would cancel the ride and I would not get my money back because this would be a last minute cancellation on my part. I said I do not cancel ... then he said ... no, I do. When I indicated to contact gogido he said You can do that ... but I am the owner. And if I filed a complaint, the taxi driver would not get any more rides. I have saved the entire discussion via Whatsapp. And for fear of reprisals I have doubted to report this story. But I will definitely take steps ... not against the driver, because he has been a pawn in this Opinion? After not expressing the above in words"

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