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153 customers rate Amotex Taxi Ridderkerk B.V. with an average score of 8.8/10
Sherren Banel
Barendrecht op 15-12-2017

"It was a spontaneous, sociable man. It was a good ride"

W. Brandt
Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht op 06-12-2017

"On time and good price. Worth repeating."

Barendrecht op 21-11-2017

"Neatly on time Will certainly make more use of it"

Anneke Lucas
Dordrecht op 12-10-2017

"Always on time. Polite and helpful. Thank you. Perdect"

Dordrecht op 05-10-2017

"Very pleased: very friendly taxi driver, has been waiting for flight delay due to delayed flight. I would definitely book again. Very good experience"

GJ Achterberg
Rotterdam Ridderkerk op 24-09-2017

"Prima on time; well driven. "

GJ Achterberg
Ridderkerk Rotterdam op 24-09-2017
C.P. van Vlaanderen
Papendrecht op 24-09-2017

"Despite the files retrieved and delivered on time Just picked up on time and run neatly."

Ridderkerk op 20-09-2017
Ridderkerk op 18-09-2017

"Very personal and accurate service Worth repeating"

geam Bruhns
Dordrecht op 16-09-2017

"The taxi ride was fine. Very nice driver, good communication and nice at the agreed time. excellent."

C.P. van Vlaanderen
Papendrecht op 14-09-2017

"Great on time Good service"

M.A. Vermeulen
barendrecht op 31-08-2017

"They rushed on time and very helpful "

Marjolein Blok
Rhoon op 17-08-2017

"Great timed driver, knew the way well ... was helpful in short, definitely recommended the disappointing trip with another company. Okidoki"

Gerard van Rossum
Barendrecht op 11-08-2017

"Good communication, friendly conversation, and good handling. Smooth"

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