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CSC, also known as Supershuttle Schiphol, focuses specifically on airport transport. Passengers get what they expect to get because of the clear terms and conditions. Professionality is an important value for them.

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283 customers rate Taxi CSC with an average score of 7.8/10
Enkhuizen op 13-09-2019

"great in 1 word "

Leo De Kreek
Alkmaar op 13-09-2019

"He was on time and the customer comes first Your vacation starts with the taxi ride"

Jan van Dijk
DRONTEN op 11-07-2019

"The agreement has been perfectly met. Above expectations!! We will certainly do it again!"

Daisy Jacquin
Tuitjenhorn op 11-07-2019
Uday Shetty
Almere op 01-07-2019

"Excellent, Before time "

Huizen op 18-06-2019

"Neat company complies very well with the agreements. Really great "

MB de Boer-Bakker
Bovenkarspel op 16-06-2019

"It was very busy on the road. Because the driver had made the right decisions, he circumvented dr files and we arrived at the airport in good time Good taxi transport for a nice price."

Diemen op 12-06-2019

"Good coordination with taxi driver. Recommendation for next time"

Eugenie Vlasbloem
EDAM op 08-06-2019

"We had no delay but 4 planes arrived at the same time and they were all unloaded on one tire. We had to wait over 45 minutes before we had the suitcases. Then immediately went to meeting point (according to agreement via SMS with driver) and then I looked again on the phone; the driver appeared to have called me but did not hear that. I immediately called him and got a swearing cannonade over me. He almost reported us as "not shown up" but still came back to taxi rank and we had to come there. He still called us a taxi (he had heard when I hung up the phone that I called him a grumpy and how I dared to say that) and I was angry too; could cry because we had a stressful flight (panic with stewardesses; someone became unwell and needed oxygen) and had many troubles during vacation (foot 1st day double bruised and toe broken) and then this !!! In the car my friend managed to appease things, but I don't think it's justified; he drove very fast (well, by the way) because he had to pick up people in Purmerend again. Dredger"

Eugenie Vlasbloem
EDAM op 05-06-2019

"Exactly on time, comfortable car, quiet driver perfect"

René Imming
Egmond-Binnen op 05-06-2019

"Hi, Away from home it could have been better Communication is so after ordering and bad at Schiphol. We arrived at 1.30 in the morning. It was not clear where I should be at Schiphol to meet the driver. After many calls with your organization (the device answers) where it is indicated that I should call the tel number on the order mail, it appears that this is not a telephone. After roaming around a lot outside the halls of Schiphol (taxi rank) You received in a text message at 1.53 that the taxi had arrived and that I had to contact the driver, whatever I did, at that moment everything was running perfectly So in terms of communication can be done both before and on arrival. What I already wrote"

G. Hendriks-Maring
Den Helder op 05-06-2019

"Wonderfully fast transportation Fine"

Huizen op 05-06-2019
Annemieke Owel
BREEZAND op 21-05-2019

"Well on time, pleasant person behind the wheel. Knew when she could and could not say something. Neatly delivered for the door Luxurious, laid back and fast at Schiphol"

Gijs Louwrier
Loosdrecht op 16-05-2019

About Taxi CSC Purmerend

CSC, also known as Supershuttle Schiphol, focuses specifically on airport transport. This is their area of expertise. regular taxi rides are not offered by CSC. Passgengers get what they expect to get because of the clear terms and conditions. Drivers take the service they offer seriously. After all, professionality is an important value for them.

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