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K&V Taxiservice offers more than what most other taxi companies would normally offer. They have a text service, polite drivers, and do not charge extra for child seats.

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20 customers rate K&V Taxiservice with an average score of 9.6/10
Nick van der Noordaa
Den Haag on 11-07-2021

"Everything good from start to finish Nice experience"

Hicham Fakiri
Rotterdam on 01-03-2020

"Very polite driver and the car was so clean and luxurious. Repeatable"

Oscar Torenvliet
Den Haag on 09-09-2019
Den Haag on 03-08-2019

"Excellent service, on time in full. Outstanding service!"

Karol Koprivnansky
Den Haag on 21-04-2019

"Excellent as always Excellent and consistent as always, thank you for keeping the standard"

Den Haag on 28-09-2018
Helen Vermeulen
Voorburg on 25-09-2018

"Everything was done according to agreement, even in the late arrival of the plane the driver was waiting for us. Excellent pick up and return service from and to the airport."

Maasland on 30-07-2018
Karol K
Den Haag Rotterdam on 18-07-2018

"good Excellent and reliable company"

jordi van Eijk de Lange
Wassenaar Rotterdam on 28-06-2018
Berkel en Rodenrijs on 05-01-2018

"Neat, spacious taxi. Friendly driver and well on time. "

Karol Koprivnansky
Den Haag on 25-07-2017
Den Haag Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) on 01-05-2017
Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM) Voorschoten on 15-01-2017

"Neat service was properly instructed regarding the crowds R'dam Airport. Repeating definitely room, works perfectly."

Guido van der Lans
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) Berkel en Rodenrijs on 08-01-2017

"Good communication, on time, friendly chauffeuse, nice taxi. Very good."

About K&V Taxiservice Honselersdijk

K&V Taxiservice is an experienced taxi service which stands behind the quality they provide. They offer more than what most other taxi companies would normally offer. Among other things, they offer a text service. After your booking, they send a text which tells which driver will arrive at your place. The drivers are all in possession of the right certificates and diplomas, they do not smoke, and work in a proper manner. For customers with a child they do not charge extra for child seats.

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