Terms and Conditions


  1. Agreement: the agreement between the Carrier and the Customer which is established by the Booking of one or more Rides for the Carrier on one of the Gogido Websites.
  2. Booking: the ordering of one or more taxi rides via the Gogido websites, whereby Gogido forwards the order to a Carrier, and plays a facilitating role in the payment of such placed Bookings.
  3. Carrier: the party with whom Gogido has signed an agreement, and, as a Carrier, is entitled to offer Rides via Gogido which the Customer can Book and take.
  4. Customer: a Visitor who orders one or more Bookings via the Gogido websites and therefore enters into an Agreement with the Carrier.
  5. Driver: the person employed by the Carrier, in order to carry out the Ride.
  6. E-voucher: a digital ride confirmation for the Customer, which can be shown to the Driver by the use of a smartphone, tablet, or printed version prior to the ride.
  7. Gogido: Gotrida B.V., publisher of i.a. gogido.com and gogido.nl, and having its registered offices at (1118 BG) Schiphol at Schiphol Boulevard nr. 127.
  8. Gogido: the platform which has the goal of collecting the information and the selection of Carriers, to mutually compare them, and to show them on Gogido Sites, on websites of companies which belong to Gotrida B.V., and on websites of external parties with whom Gogido has signed a cooperation agreement and also allows the Customer to Book and to take Gogido Rides of a Carrier.
  9. Gogido Sites: comparison websites and modules which are in possession of Gogido and are operated by Gogido, including Gogido.com and Gogido.nl.
  10. Rides: transportation, booked by taxi, according to the terms of Gogido and conducted and executed according to the terms of the Carrier.
  11. Service Action: the actions which Gogido undertakes in response to a question, reaction, problem or complaint of a Customer in response to a visit to the Gogido sites, the placing of a booking, or in response to an Agreement with a Carrier. In the case that the Carrier is the subject of a to be initiated Service Action, then Gogido will inform the Carrier of this, and if needed play a mediating role between the Carrier and the Customer.
  12. Terms and Conditions (Terms): these terms and conditions, which are applicable to the customer who uses Gogido via the Gogido websites.
  13. Vehicle Category: a Vehicle Category is a group of different vehicle brands and types which are comparable to one another. Per category, it is determined what the maximum amount of passengers and the maximum luggage capacity (the amount of large and small trolley cases) of the vehicles is. Gogido determines these categories, determines which categories are allowed to be deployed as replacement of another category in execution and publishes this on its website.
  14. Visitor: the natural person or legal entity which visits the Gogido websites.

II Applicability

  1. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to the use of the Gogido Sites and applicable to the Booking and taking of a Ride via Gogido by the Customer. These Terms and Conditions can also be consulted and downloaded at Gogido.com.
  2. The Customer accepts the applicability of these Terms and Conditions once the Customer makes a Booking via Gogido and therefore enters into an Agreement with one or more Carriers and the accompanying Terms and Conditions which are applicable to the Carrier(s) in question.
  3. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply in full; written deviation from these provisions is only possible after explicit written approval of Gogido.
  4. All rights and obligations which derive from these Terms and Conditions apply equally for the purpose of the by Gogido enabled intermediaries and/or other third parties, expressly including the Carriers.
  5. Gogido can alter these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The altered version will be published on the Gogido Sites and is applicable to the Booking of the Customer. It is advisable to read the Terms and Conditions (again) before Booking a Ride.
  6. Gogido is not (and will not be) a party involved in the agreement between the Customer and the Carrier. Gogido exclusively fulfils a facilitating role as a provider of the platform of the Gogido Sites and also facilitates the payment process between the Carrier and the Customer. The Customer acknowledges the establishment of the Agreement the moment the Customer books a Ride at one of the Gogido Sites and receives a confirmation e-mail from Gogido.

III Requirements of the Customer

  1. The Customer should to meet the following requirements in order to be able to use Gogido:
    1. The Customer is at least 18 years old;
    2. The Customer has a valid e-mail address and can be reached via this e-mail address;
    3. The Customer has a mobile phone and can be reached via this mobile phone;
  2. If the Customer chooses to create an account, it is the responsibility of the Customer to be careful with the accompanying password and credentials. The Customer is not allowed to let third parties use this content. The Customer carries responsibility for ensuring the validity of their details, as well as the validity of the details specified in a Booking.
  3. At all times and for any reason, Gogido reserves the right to not process (parts of) Bookings of the Customer or to attach further conditions to it. In the case that Gogido decides to do this, then Gogido will inform the Customer about this by e-mail.
  4. Gogido can proceed to block another from using Gogido, provided there are serious grounds for this. Acting or forbearing to act in violation of these Terms and Conditions forms grounds for termination. Commenting and/or behaving insultingly, threateningly, or slanderously on the Gogido Sites or at the Carrier by the Customer may cause Gogido to decide not to allow the Customer to use Gogido anymore.

IV Booking and execution ride

  1. Bookings, changes, and cancellations can be done free of charge up until 4 hours before commencement of a Ride at maximum. Any payments done are refunded in its entirety.
  2. When cancelling a ride within 4 hours before commencement of the Ride and in the case of no show, a refund is not possible. No show is defined as the situation in which the Driver cannot locate the Customer at the booked time and place and the Customer failed to inform the Driver or Carrier about any possible delay or interference the Driver is able to react to in a reasonable manner. The Driver is required to wait at least 5 minutes, starting from the booked time, at the booked meeting location, and is required to attempt to contact the customer using the phone number provided by the Customer before it can be called a no show.
  3. For transport from an airport, a derogation regarding no show applies. Provided the Customer has specified a correct and valid flight number at the Booking, the Driver is required to wait a maximum of one hour after arrival of the Customer’s flight, according to the information of the Airport. It is expected of the customer to inform the Carrier or Driver via the provided phone number on their E-Voucher about any delays at the airport (e.g. at customs or at the luggage belt).
  4. The Customer is personally responsible for Booking the right vehicle category, appropriate to the amount of people and luggage to be transported.
  5. The only animals allowed to be taken along are guide dogs, assistance dogs, caged animals like cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, etc., and small animals able to sit on the Customer’s lap. This must be specified when Booking a Ride.
  6. In the case that there are children among the passengers which are obligated by law to be transported in special child seats, the Customer is required to specify this in the Booking. The Customer is required to refuse to perform any ride when the vehicle does not have the right child seats.
  7. The Customer is picked up by the Driver at the front door of the street address specified in the Booking. In the case that the specified address concerns an apartment building, the main entrance of the building at the street is considered to be the pickup point. On airports, the “meeting point”, as is indicated by most airports, is used as the pickup point.
  8. By placing the Booking, the Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the Carrier which will carry out the Ride.
  9. The Booking will be processed further by the Carrier in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of the Carrier. The Customer is not allowed to settle the Booking with the Carrier in any other manner than what is specified in these Terms and Conditions or in the Terms and Conditions of the Carrier.
  10. In the case that the Carrier cannot carry out one or more rides, then then the Carrier will inform Gogido about this, and Gogido will endeavour to provide an alternative for the Customer, and will inform them about this by e-mail.

V Obligations of Gogido

  1. Gogido will try their utmost to make Gogido and the Gogido Websites function properly, but cannot guarantee these always will function completely and without interruption. Gogido will try their utmost to resolve any service (and internet) disruptions or other problems regarding the functionality or accessibility as soon as possible.
  2. Gogido bears no responsibility for the validity of the Carrier’s details recorded on their website(s). Gogido will try their best to keep the information complete, correct, and up-to-date, but cannot give any guarantees regarding this matter.
  3. The Customer can inquire, ask questions, and file complaints about the processing of the payment in regards to the Booking done by the Customer. Gogido can initiate a Service Action, in which Gogido acts as a mediator in a (possible) dispute.
  4. Gogido is also responsible for processing the Customer’s payment in regards to the Booking done by the Customer. Gogido bears the default risk in the case of non-payment by the Customer and therefore bears the right to initiate debt collection measures.
  5. Gogido can carry out Service Actions. Gogido will do so on request of the Customer, Carrier, or at its sole discretion. In the case that a Service Action is based on the complaint of the Customer, Gogido will attempt to deal with this complaint within a reasonable span of time.
  6. Complaints about the execution of a booking can be submitted until 7 days after the ride.

VI Payment

  1. The payment for the ordered rides (which are contained in one Booking by the Customer) is done in advance by the Customer to Gogido.
  2. The Customer is not exempted from payment obligation to Gogido if the Customer proceeds to pay the Carrier directly for the Rides in question.
  3. Under permission of the Carriers, Gogido is entitled to collect any payment based on the Agreement between the Carrier and the Customer.
  4. The Customer is automatically in default from the day the payment of the Booking is supposed to have taken place. This can occur in the case of credit card payment. Gogido nevertheless has a claim on the Customer and can, from that day on, charge default interest, and take collection measures. Gogido can pass on the collection costs to the Customer.
  5. Toll and ferry money, as well as costs for extra driven kilometres because of an altered route by the Customer after boarding the Driver’s car are to be payed directly to the Driver.

VII Data Usage

  1. Gogido will treat the personal data Gogido has gained by virtue of this service properly. Gogido commits to the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Wbp, or ‘Personal Data Procation Act’). You can read more about the privacy policy at Gogido.com/privacy
  2. The Customer agrees to allowing Gogido to forward these contact and ride details to the Carrier, so the Agreement can be realised and completed.
  3. All (intellectual) property rights, including author rights, concerning the shop reviews and any other possible content on the Gogido Sites, are held by Gogido and/or their licensor(s).

VIII Other Conditions

  1. In the case that one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions turn out to be ineffective, the remaining provisions of these Terms and conditions remain in full force and effect between parties.
  2. At all times, Gogido is entitled to change the content and arrangement of the Gogido Sites without further notice. This may concern changes related to technical or procedural adjustments, but can also concern the removal of some Carriers or Rides.
  3. Gogido is entitled to involve third parties in the implementation of the services described in these Terms and Conditions.
  4. At all times, Gogido is entitled to transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, to a group company.

 IX Applicable Law and Disputes

  1. These Terms and Conditions are exclusively subject to Dutch Law.
  2. Every dispute which results from or is related to this Agreement is submitted to the competent court in the seat of Gogido.