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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

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Taxi Nelissen peter caris
Geulle Bunde 3 days, 11 hours ago
Sammer Personenvervoer Davide Incontri
Den Haag Honselersdijk 6 days, 3 hours ago
Rijland San
Amsterdam 3 weeks, 5 days ago

"The taxi was up, nice driver, drove smoothly, on time at the airport without stress. "

Taxi Woensel Vijesh V
Schiphol Veldhoven 4 weeks ago
Taxi Woensel CPS Casander
Eindhoven 4 weeks, 1 day ago
Taxi Woensel Nico
Udenhout on 01-09-2022

"Exactly at the agreed time; luxury car, relaxed transportation. Excellent value for money!"

Taxi Woensel Mariette de Kraay
Vlijmen on 01-09-2022

"Good contact with driver Already contacted myself Amazing experience"

Taxi Woensel Leo Janssen
on 19-08-2022

"Excellent and prompt communication, reliable and correct service. Excellent choice"

Rijland Jouko Huismans
Haarlem on 13-08-2022

"Beautiful car, fast ride and nice driver Beautiful car, fast ride and nice driver"

Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV HJ BINNENDIJK
Ede on 08-08-2022

"Too bad the time change hasn't been passed on. The driver came half an hour late. Gogido books fine but do not make changes by calling the taxi company immediately."

Rijland Daniƫlle
Egmond-Binnen Heerhugowaard on 02-08-2022

"Taxi ride unfortunately due to unfortunate circumstances (my father became unwell during my wedding) so that he could be brought home by trusted people and they could take care of him at home. Asked for a refund as we have not taken any service but no response to date. Can you do something in this as an intermediary? "

Taxibedrijf Haytax Guido Geenen
Eindhoven on 01-08-2022

"All very well organized and on time and neat "

Rijland Jo
Spaarndam on 31-07-2022

"The taxi driver neatly called that he was coming a little earlier, the ride was smooth, taxi driver was friendly and helpful. Good ride with friendly taxi driver"

Rijland Bart Nagel
Amsterdam on 21-07-2022

"Nice car, nice driver Great ride"

Rijland Humberto
Haarlem on 16-07-2022

"Punctual and very animated! Fine!!"

Taxi Woensel Max Eyck
Weeze Sint-Michielsgestel on 15-07-2022
Taxi Woensel Soraya Sohilait
Eindhoven on 13-07-2022
Taxi de Heer Insu Koster
Schiedam Eindhoven on 13-07-2022
Rijland Aruna
Amsterdam on 11-07-2022
Rijland Anneke C. Schuurman
Loenen aan de Vecht on 09-07-2022

"Always right on time! Top!"