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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

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Taxi Woensel Marcel van den Berg
Moergestel Tilburg 4 uur, 5 minuten geleden

"You will be picked up by e-car and will receive all the information if you ask. Very good"

Rijland B
Beverwijk 16 uur, 46 minuten geleden

"The taxi driver has done everything to get me to the airport on time. Despite all the traffic jams and setbacks, I did not miss my flight. Top taxi driver"

City Taxi BT Rudolf Muijtjens
Cuijk 20 uur, 17 minuten geleden

"everything to your liking "

Taxi Woensel Suzan Kempkes
Hoogeloon 1 dag geleden

"Great on time, nice driver Well arranged for a nice price"

Taxi FDR Schuurmans
Delft 1 dag, 11 uur geleden

"Very friendly, despite all traffic jams, strikes, etc. On time and professionally."

Time for taxi Jeanet Huiting
Duivendrecht 1 dag, 17 uur geleden

"Driver neatly on time, good service, very customer friendly, just very good experience. Booking via the website quickly and easily arranged. Very good impression"

Artax Robert
Eindhoven 2 dagen, 1 uur geleden

"The driver was present at the agreed time, was helpful with the luggage. And the driver brought me quickly and perfectly to the destination. Very good taxi ride"

Taxicentrale Rijn en Vliet Rob Janssen
Leiden 2 dagen, 4 uur geleden
Time for taxi Fred pickkers
Amsterdam 2 dagen, 5 uur geleden
Intertax bas van santvoord
4819 EB Breda 2 dagen, 13 uur geleden
RSR Cabs evn
Amstelveen Den Haag 2 dagen, 15 uur geleden
Kleinbuscentrale Lennart van Bochove
Rotterdam Bleiswijk 2 dagen, 17 uur geleden

"Was fine, would do it again Was fine, would do it again"

Artax Jeroen van der Putten
Eindhoven 2 dagen, 19 uur geleden

"The driver was friendly and very helpful on time. "

Amotex Taxi Ridderkerk B.V. (AT & TS B.V.) André Rongen
Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht 2 dagen, 19 uur geleden

"good agreements and those are also fully fulfilled. worth repeating"

TigerDrive Taxi Anja Wagemakers
Oudewater 3 dagen, 3 uur geleden

"Well, great driver, neat time and well informed Tip for the next time!"

Taxiservice TC Connect Raoul vdM
Rijsenhout Schiphol 3 dagen, 6 uur geleden

"Very friendly taxi driver, clean and comfortable taxi. The taxi was also on time. Good taxi for friendly price"

Taxi Meer 4 You Etienne
Weesp 3 dagen, 11 uur geleden

"A very friendly and helpful man and woman. All cases were picked up inside the house and neatly delivered to the airport on a cart. Top service. Top service"

TigerDrive Taxi Annemarie Van Hof
Houten 3 dagen, 14 uur geleden
TigerDrive Taxi Wil
Soest 3 dagen, 14 uur geleden

"It was very annoying that the taxi did not arrive at 4 a.m. Only after calling 3 times did I get someone on the line who said that the taxi would arrive in 15 minutes. That became 5 hours instead of 4 hours. It was very stressful because we would not arrive at Schiphol on time. Thanks said the fast and good driving of the driver succeeded! An hour late: for us very much due to departure plane. All praise for the driver!"

Rijland Jans
Wormer 3 dagen, 23 uur geleden

"I received a text message 20 minutes in advance from the driver that was coming. He was on time and extremely friendly. Gave us some useful tips and dropped us off in front of the correct departure hall. Perfect!"