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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

They booked already

Van Helvoort Taxi Kris van Hoeckel
Eindhoven Eindhoven 3 uur, 37 minuten geleden
Time for taxi Margaret Meikle
Amsterdam 22 uur, 29 minuten geleden
Time for taxi Marinka
Amsterdam 1 dag, 1 uur geleden

"Well on time. He also called. Cozy and great ride. Next time!"

RSR Cabs Ben
Zoetermeer 2 dagen, 1 uur geleden

"Neat treatment, punctual and both the friendly driver and the car were very well cared for. Perfect service."

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Ron Koek
Hoofddorp 2 dagen, 6 uur geleden

"Punctually on time, neat and attentive driver and smooth handling! Excellent service at a fair price"

Amotex Taxi Ridderkerk B.V. Franc. Bongaerts
Barendrecht 2 dagen, 14 uur geleden
Amotex Taxi Ridderkerk B.V. Stefan Vos
Ridderkerk 2 dagen, 16 uur geleden

"Driver was on time, taxi was neat! Excellent taxi company"

Sammer Personenvervoer Yimeng Yang
Den Hoorn 3 dagen, 10 uur geleden
Taxi CSC f.w
Enkhuizen 3 dagen, 14 uur geleden

"great in 1 word "

Taxi CSC Leo De Kreek
Alkmaar 3 dagen, 16 uur geleden

"He was on time and the customer comes first Your vacation starts with the taxi ride"

RSR Cabs H. Schenk
Zoetermeer 4 dagen geleden
Taxi Woensel Ad
Tilburg 5 dagen geleden

"Taxi was on time (4 AM) and the driver was late and very cheerful. Nicely deposited on the AirPort, top???????? Worth repeating, certainly"

Amotex Taxi Ridderkerk B.V. Arjan
Rhoon 5 dagen, 5 uur geleden

"Neatly on time and driver was polite. Top"

Time for taxi Tjalling Sloot
Hoofddorp 5 dagen, 13 uur geleden
Time for taxi Priscilla De Jager
Amsterdam zuidoost 5 dagen, 14 uur geleden

"Very good driver very well driven well considering baby "

Time for taxi Piet
Bussum 5 dagen, 14 uur geleden
Time for taxi Eddy
Amsterdam 5 dagen, 15 uur geleden

"The driver called ahead. Drove safely. Fine"

Time for taxi Ingrid Mostert
Amsterdam 5 dagen, 16 uur geleden

"Well on time and great driver "

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Martin van Dijk
Amsterdam 6 dagen, 6 uur geleden
Taxi FDR Elma Tanis
Capelle aan den IJssel 6 dagen, 9 uur geleden

"Neatly on time, called in advance. A smooth ride and good explanation for the return ride "