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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

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Taxi Meer 4 You Dudu
Amsterdam op 01-01-2020
Taxi Woensel MichelK
Eindhoven Eindhoven op 31-12-2019

"Something went wrong with the first taxi ride (arrived later than agreed). This is more than compensated by offering the following taxi ride for free. Good service"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Esther van der Zaag
Amsterdam op 31-12-2019
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Zander Dekker
Amsterdam op 31-12-2019

"Friendly driver Nice"

Taxibedrijf Haytax Giovanna Cacciola
Eindhoven op 30-12-2019

"On time and good driving style "

Taxibedrijf Haytax lotte timmermans
Eindhoven op 29-12-2019
Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV Gerrit
Nieuwegein op 29-12-2019

"The driver was friendly and the car clean and a little later than planted due to a malfunction. He explained this nicely and we understood. Good service from the taxi company on time at Schiphol. Next taxi ride is again via this company, a ten appreciated"

Kleinbuscentrale Krabit Wahanian
Hoogvliet Rotterdam op 29-12-2019
Staxi, the fixed price taxi JAN
Purmerend Diemen op 28-12-2019

"The driver is hello and no more. Asked nothing. Several lights are on (Maintenance and another triangular light with a slipping car in it. Did not feel at ease."

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Irene Noordhof
Amsterdam op 28-12-2019
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Marjolein
Amsterdam op 28-12-2019
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Sjors Peters
Amsterdam op 28-12-2019

"On time, friendly driver with calm driving style Fine"

Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV RR Veldhuizen
Nieuwegein Utrecht op 27-12-2019

"The taxi driver was very patient. Really recommended"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Duco Van der Kooij
Amstelveen op 27-12-2019
Taxiservice TC Connect Esther van der Zaag
Amsterdam op 26-12-2019

"Well on time. Good"

Taxiservice TC Connect theo
Zwanenburg op 25-12-2019

"Taxi was excact on time, the driver was helpful with the suitcases and the ride to Schiphol was efficient and quiet. Along the way made a nice chat Card taken to book the return trip. Great taxi company, next time again????????"

Rijland qassem abyad
Zaandam op 24-12-2019
Taxi de Hart Jeroen Mutsaers
Haaren VUGHT op 23-12-2019

"Driver arrived 15 minutes late, while it was freezing and we were outside. Great, but too late"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Karin van Vliet
Amstelveen op 22-12-2019

"Taxi present on time. Friendly driver. Fine"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Lia
Amsterdam Amsterdam op 22-12-2019

"Very friendly driver, getting us ready for the return trip later than agreed was not a problem either with Staxi or with the driver, what a good service! Very pleasant and flexible service, both the organization and the driver!"