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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

They booked already

Rijland Ties
Limmen op 08-11-2019
Taxi Woensel Talie Kleve
Eindhoven op 08-11-2019

"Taxi was on time, friendly driver. Fine"

Taxi Woensel Truus Arkenbout
's-Hertogenbosch op 07-11-2019

"Nice ride, nice speed (no cheating), very friendly and interested driver. Recommended!"

Time for taxi Henna jas
Amsterdam op 07-11-2019

"Top in time Top"

Time for taxi Loes
Amsterdam op 06-11-2019

"After many bad experiences, finally a good and reliable taxi. The driver was on time, very correct and helpful. We were way too early on the return trip, but it was already ready. We will keep this! Very good: on time, correct and helpful"

Time for taxi Ylenia Borsato
Heiloo op 06-11-2019

"Driver was on time and drove quietly. He already knew exactly where to leave us at the airport. Useful service to Schiphol"

Taxi FDR santhosh k sankuri
Voorburg op 05-11-2019
Sammer Personenvervoer Esther
Den Haag op 04-11-2019

"Well on time, neatly driven, helped with suitcases: super! "

Taxi Woensel Ben Otten
Rosmalen op 04-11-2019

"It was a high taxi bit difficult to board but otherwise fine Was good"

Rijland Mandy Hoenderop
Amsterdam op 04-11-2019
Taxi Meer 4 You Mark
Amstelveen op 03-11-2019

"Perfect taxi rides, we were meticulously met at Schiphol. I recommend it! Top service!"

Rijland santhosh k sankuri
Voorburg Den Haag op 03-11-2019

"It's quite expensive to pay 36 euros when I paid 20 euros for call taxi Expensive"

Taxiservice TC Connect Hendrikus Evers
Landsmeer op 02-11-2019
Rijland German Romanov
Apeldoorn Amstelveen op 02-11-2019
Rijland Charles Kersbergen
Amsterdam op 02-11-2019
Taxiservice TC Connect Corry Oost-Slot
Amsterdam op 01-11-2019

"Everything arranged well Fine"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Robert Loose
Amsterdam op 30-10-2019
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Sb
Amsterdam op 29-10-2019

"Beautiful music "

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Margaretha Klerk
Amsterdam op 29-10-2019
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Roeland Visser
Amsterdam op 29-10-2019

"taxi presies on time relaxed driver very civilized"