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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

They booked already

Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV Richard
Amersfoort 3 dagen, 22 uur geleden

"The taxi was not there at the agreed time. The ride had not come through well with the performer. In the end it worked out well. After some delay, still on time at Schiphol."

Time for taxi Lourens Boot
Amsterdam 4 dagen, 9 uur geleden
Time for taxi Martijn Verhoef
Amsterdam 4 dagen, 11 uur geleden

"Great, fast and clear! Would this book again ... Great, fast and clear!"

RSR Cabs Janet Pieterse
Den Haag Rijswijk 4 dagen, 23 uur geleden

"The hospital always runs over the time, and the driver was very friendly and flexible. "

RR Taxi B.V. Bob
Bilthoven 5 dagen geleden

"Nice taxi and great driver! Nice taxi and great driver!"

Taxi FDR Frank
Voorburg 5 dagen, 1 uur geleden

"Everything went smoothly, quickly and comfortably. Everything went smoothly, quickly and comfortably."

Rijland R.C.T. Huiberts
Nieuw-Vennep 5 dagen, 11 uur geleden

"Well driven, well treated. Wait nicely at Schiphol until you arrive. Good communication. Nice experience, good communication"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Robertjan Gras
Amsterdam 5 dagen, 12 uur geleden
Rijland Vladimir Hira Sing
Almere 6 dagen, 4 uur geleden

"The quality was great. I just don't understand why I pay € 80 on the way there and € 119 on the way back. Price not transparent"

Taxicentrale Rijn en Vliet Marielle Van Delft
Rijnsburg 6 dagen, 7 uur geleden
Taxi Direct Zuid-Holland Remco van Holsteijn
Rotterdam Den Haag 6 dagen, 7 uur geleden
Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV Carel Willemse
Woudenberg 6 dagen, 8 uur geleden
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Joep
Amsterdam 6 dagen, 9 uur geleden

"Friendly driver, well on time, great. Friendly, helpful and on time: top."

Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV Michel
Bilthoven 6 dagen, 22 uur geleden

"The driver was on time, drove quietly and reliably. And the car was excellent. A very nice way to go to Schiphol!"

Rijland Manal Chehade
Zandvoort 1 week geleden
AirportHotelTaxi Karin Ripzaad
Gorinchem Rotterdam 1 week geleden

"A quiet safe ride experience "

Taxi FDR Anneke Van der Plas
Voorhout 1 week, 1 dag geleden

"Exactly At the agreed time Good"

Taxicentrale Rijn en Vliet Erik Knijnenburg
Katwijk aan Zee 1 week, 1 dag geleden

"Had to wait almost half an hour at Schiphol before the taxi arrived "

Taxi Woensel Gazdiek
Udenhout 1 week, 1 dag geleden

"The taxi was 10 minutes late. "

Taxibedrijf Haytax Bos
Eindhoven 1 week, 1 dag geleden

"The taxi driver arrived fifteen minutes late somewhere on the side of the airport and then called if we would like to come there with 8 people. Before that no one was available at the indicated number. We have come home, but everything has been said. Enough, but no more"