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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

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Staxi, the fixed price taxi Ron Weijers
Amsterdam on 09-09-2021
Staxi, the fixed price taxi pieter
Amstelveen on 09-09-2021

"Driver was doing a lot on his phone on the way! Didn't feel safe"

Taxi Woensel Jongkoon Lim
Eindhoven on 06-09-2021

"Everything went as expected. Door to door, nothing to worry about. Very nice.. I recommend to everyone"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Anna de Haan
Diemen on 02-09-2021

"We were whatsapped in advance what time the driver was coming, which was very nice. And he is a nice man Perfect taxi ride to Schiphol"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi G Savelsbergh
Amsterdam on 02-09-2021
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Hugo de Heide
Landsmeer on 02-09-2021

"Nice on time Great service from gogido"

Taxi Nelissen peter caris
Geulle Bunde on 30-08-2021
Sammer Personenvervoer Robertjan Frijlink
Den Haag on 29-08-2021
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Alex Klerk
Amsterdam on 29-08-2021
De Taxi Gigant Ik wil geen freelance chauffeur
Utrecht on 29-08-2021

"The driver (freelancer, so not employed by taxi giant) was not at the agreed place at the agreed time, came 20 minutes late. Car stank of cigarettes, 1 belt was defective, telephone with navigation in hand (!!!), navigated at the wrong address, did not respond customer-friendly to my directions. Called the Taxi Giant the next day, they were very shocked. Apologies and a reimbursement of costs received. Bad experience was handled perfectly by the Taxigigant"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Mahmoud Ali
Uithoorn on 25-08-2021
Taxi Woensel Klemens Schindler
Eindhoven on 22-08-2021
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Sonja
Amsterdam on 21-08-2021

"Always on time. Nice, helpful driver. Great company for a reasonable price"

Groningen Groningen on 21-08-2021
Taxicentrale Rijn en Vliet Angela
Den Haag on 21-08-2021
Taxicentrale Rijn en Vliet Angela Coolen
Den Haag on 19-08-2021
Rijland Onno
Amsterdam on 17-08-2021
Taxi Woensel K
Eindhoven on 15-08-2021
Taxi de Heer Mark van der Noordaa
Gallo Manor on 14-08-2021
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Michiel Hendriksen
Amsterdam Schiphol on 10-08-2021