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Utrechtse Taxi Centrale UTC Floor
Utrecht op 02-09-2020
Taxi FDR Ersoi Sechrin
Rotterdam op 31-08-2020
Taxibedrijf F.S. Richard Stoop
Den Haag op 29-08-2020
Taxiservice TC Connect Marcia
Amstelveen op 19-08-2020
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Halil Manavoglu
Amsterdam op 17-08-2020

"Always on time and very well organized! Awesome.."

Werotax Rudy Gobits
Nuenen op 10-08-2020

"Taxi was far too far away from arrival hall Einhoven Airport: we had to walk a long way across the street to the taxi with our suitcase. You don't take a taxi for that: you should pick it up where you are and not the other way around. clumsy arrangement"

Werotax Rudy Gobits
Nuenen op 10-08-2020
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Esther
Amsterdam op 10-08-2020
Taxibedrijf F.S. Ellen vd Berg
Wassenaar op 04-08-2020

"We travel more often with Taxi Company FS to and from Rotterdam Airport. All well arranged. Good contact via WhatsApp. Always on time. Nice conversations during the ride. Nice car; spacious and clean. Good start or end of our holiday! Taxi company FS perfect to start or end your holiday!"

Taxiservice TC Connect Sarah Moulo
Amsterdam Amsterdam op 01-08-2020
Taxiservice TC Connect Maya Bil-Henry
Amsterdam Amsterdam op 31-07-2020

"Driver was on time, communicative and friendly. Fine!"

Rijland Klaas Jan Kramer
Castricum op 31-07-2020

"We arrived much earlier. Pick-up time by taxi adjusted on request. Super Very good experience"

Taxiservice TC Connect Marius Voerman
Amsterdam op 31-07-2020

"Experienced driver Neat car, friendly, knowledgeable driver"

Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV Nancy de Vries
Baarn Baarn op 31-07-2020

"my experience would have been better if I could still be picked up and brought back several times and not once and then get a ticket and eventually zero on the complaint because you are in Amersfoort and not in Baarn Where I badly needed a taxi because my husband was on dying. it could be better"

Taxi FDR Theo van Houten
Rotterdam op 30-07-2020

"Due to corona and travel from abroad, I have to go in self-quarantine, the taxi driver thought it was a good idea to take a tourist route from Schiphol to Rotterdam, much appreciated .... Complimentary touristic tour"

Taxi Woensel Frank
Eindhoven op 22-07-2020

"Driver arrived on time and was helpful. The ride was very good and professional and arrived at our final destination as agreed. Very good taxi service and highly recommended"

AirportHotelTaxi Roberta Lombardi
Amsterdam op 21-07-2020
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Nina Pijnenburg
's-Hertogenbosch op 21-07-2020
Taxiservice TC Connect Cees
Amstelveen op 18-07-2020
RSR Cabs albert lubout
Den Haag op 16-07-2020

"our plane landed too early. But the taxi was already there .top good service"