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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

They booked already

Van Helvoort Taxi Irene Nicolai
Eindhoven op 14-02-2020

"Glad that the appointment was verified in advance "

RSR Cabs Joep Terhorst
Den Haag op 12-02-2020
Rijland Ton Rota
CASTRICUM op 11-02-2020

"The driver was very attentive. The car was also very good, especially during the storm! "

De Taxi Gigant Jan
Bussum op 11-02-2020

"A bit of a shame about the car. Advertising with Audi, BMW and then arriving with a Ford Focus is disappointing. On time and good communication with the driver"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Ale
Amsterdam op 10-02-2020

"The taxi to the airport (Feb 9) was super rude. We asked for a taxi at 7.00 and went to check outside at 7.00 - he was there, waiting and annoyed at 'our delay'. He said he called 7 times (but the number he had was not my number). Then he complained that we had too much luggage (it fit !!!) and that we should have ordered a "station wagon". Why? Our luggage fit in his car. He was very rude and acted like he was doing us a favor. Please, next time if you don't want to handle customers going to the airport, don't register your taxi. Good car, good timing, but driver attitude was very bad and unpleasant."

Taxicentrale Rijn en Vliet Paul Ymkers
Leidschendam op 10-02-2020

"Everything went great! Car on time, nice driver and nicely deposited at Schiphol despite heavy rush. This taxi ride went great again"

Taxi Woensel saskia
Mierlo op 07-02-2020

"Pleasant and experienced driver "

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Erik Akkerman
Weesp op 07-02-2020
Staxi, the fixed price taxi richard atherton
Edam Amsterdam op 06-02-2020
Kleinbuscentrale Krabit Wahanian
Hoogvliet Rotterdam op 05-02-2020
Taxi Meer 4 You Inga Vizbele
Amstelveen Amstelveen op 04-02-2020
De Taxi Gigant Catharina Beeker
Driebergen-Rijsenburg op 03-02-2020
De Taxi Gigant VamseeKrishnareddy Bommu
Amersfoort op 03-02-2020

"I felt very great about the journey and came in time and the car was also well maintained Pleasant"

AirportHotelTaxi Anja Koster
Amsterdam op 02-02-2020
RSR Cabs Esther
Den Haag op 02-02-2020

"Appointment in the middle of the night at Schiphol; great to be picked up like this! Nice driver, fantastic car. Absolutely great!"

Airportcabs Ingrid Mostert
Amsterdam op 02-02-2020

"Driver drove well but very fast "

Rijland CLC van Nieuwenhoven
Alkmaar op 31-01-2020

"Friendly driver, on time. Recommended"

Taxiservice TC Connect Jacob van Rijn
Amstelveen op 30-01-2020
AirportHotelTaxi Ronald van Wuijtswinkel
Den Haag op 29-01-2020

"On time and carefree ride Reliable and good service"

De Taxi Gigant Nitina Kumar Kenchanoor
Utrecht op 29-01-2020

"Good Good"