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Taxi de Heer s Leenstra
Rotterdam op 29-02-2020
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Jaap KLERK
Amsterdam op 29-02-2020

"Professional and accurate. Perfect"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Eddy Pitjon
Amsterdam op 29-02-2020

"The driver drove well and was on time Fine"

Taxi FDR Bart ten Berge
Rotterdam op 28-02-2020

"Nice relaxed correctly caring A nice and safe ride"

Taxibedrijf F.S. Jos Van der Meer
Den Haag op 27-02-2020

"Accurate and neat "

Taxibedrijf F.S. Louis den Elzen
Wassenaar op 27-02-2020

"well see points above great luxury"

Taxicentrale Rijn en Vliet Giordano Duse
Zoetermeer op 27-02-2020
Taxi Meer 4 You s
Rijsenhout op 27-02-2020

"Attentive cheerful driver Good"

Taxi Meer 4 You Suzanna Haak
Nieuw-Vennep op 26-02-2020

"Excellent service, very friendly, helpful and open. Perfect end to the holiday"

AC Taxiservice Niek Kroeze
Zoetermeer op 26-02-2020
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Tako
Badhoevedorp op 26-02-2020

"We had so much delay that we arrived a day later, 3.30 a.m. The driver was waiting neatly at Schiphol after a bell about where we came out of the hall. A relief after everything that had gone wrong. reliable, neat, and again this (s) taxi next time"

Taxi FDR Lola Aldamunde
Leiden op 25-02-2020
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Hendrikus Evers
Landsmeer op 25-02-2020

"See previous good experiences. Good"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Johan Schaap
Amsterdam op 25-02-2020

"Nice conversation with a driver with travel experience and general knowledge. In addition, the driver was also helpful and on time. On time, helpful, interested"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Marius Voerman
Amsterdam op 25-02-2020
Van Helvoort Taxi Birgit
Amsterdam op 23-02-2020

"extremely professional friendly, punctual, excellent"

RSR Cabs O.P.
Den Haag Leiden op 22-02-2020
RSR Cabs Eman Al Salman-Reza
Den Haag op 20-02-2020

"Very relaxed Top"

Staxi, the fixed price taxi van wijk
Hoofddorp op 20-02-2020

"most important: contact with central was good, but taxi driver badly dutch speaking, I had to show the way, especially no door to be kept open, suitcase put in car, very dirty car inside and very hot: 23.5 degree in the car. So .... no tip gogido in itself violence, driver: may do more on hygiene and customer friendliness ... a no go"

Bato - Eemland Personenvervoer BV Evie Coenders
Utrecht Houten op 18-02-2020

"Taxi was on time at the right place. Husband was friendly had good music choice ????. I ordered a Mercedes through the site. But the best man came with an Opel bus .... This was fine though. But had not ordered it. Satisfied. Price quality. Top"