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You don't only want a cheap taxi, but also a good taxi. Therefore, we ask our customers what they think of the driver, the car and the website. That's how we ensure the quality remains good and we address things that could be better.

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Van Helvoort Taxi Vasu Palisetty
Eindhoven op 24-07-2019
Kleinbuscentrale David Mulder
Rotterdam op 23-07-2019

"Great driver. Yes"

RSR Cabs Eman Al Salman-Reza
Den Haag op 23-07-2019

"Very relaxed Top"

Taxibedrijf F.S. Marcel De Haas
Den Haag op 22-07-2019
Taxiservice TC Connect Jeroen.
Amstelveen op 22-07-2019

"The driver was well on time and helpful. Idem"

Time for taxi Harvey Terhorst
Amsterdam op 22-07-2019
Time for taxi Charlie
op 22-07-2019
Time for taxi Sherry
Landsmeer op 22-07-2019

"The taxi ride was very professional and very customer friendly. Heavy suitcases, everything neatly loaded. There were even water bottles after a long journey! Top service, customer is king!"

Time for taxi Ger Wieberdink
Amsterdam op 21-07-2019
Intertax W Mandemakers
Breda op 21-07-2019
Time for taxi Jos Goossens
Amstelveen op 21-07-2019
Time for taxi Evert Vos
Amsterdam op 21-07-2019

"Taxi driver was not yet so awake or handy. Friendly and on time! That's great"

Time for taxi Maya
Amsterdam op 21-07-2019

"Nice, neat driver. Departure on time. Worth repeating"

Time for taxi Margaret burford, Suuske Verwaal
Wassenaar op 21-07-2019

"Good communication with driver ..clean tacxi Very good service"

Time for taxi Shin Aung
Maarssen op 21-07-2019

"Right on time, nice clean car and the driver Gino was very friendly and drove very safely. Fast fun ride"

Artax Laura van Mil
Eindhoven op 21-07-2019
Staxi, the fixed price taxi Erik van der Velpen
Amsterdam op 21-07-2019
Taxi FDR Bas Belder
Poortugaal op 20-07-2019

"Nicely on time a great ride as it should be. Reliable and no nonsense"

Vos Taxi en Touringcars Karin Van den Akker
Breda Breda op 20-07-2019

"Arrived half an hour late. Did not read the mail. When I called, I got a big mouth back (I can also send the driver back, ma'am). Bad response on the phone. Booking 4 hours before the ride is apparently late."

Staxi, the fixed price taxi Chemi Tenzing
Amsterdam op 19-07-2019