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Do not waste your holiday budget on an expensive taxi to Schiphol

Do not start your vacation with an expensive mistake. The majority of travelers pay too much for a cab ride to Schiphol. The differences are sometimes really surprisingly large, as evidenced by a survey we conducted last week.

Paul Pietersen, 01-01-1970

More and more travelers go by taxi to Schiphol, as stated in the airport's annual report. Also, the number of customers comparing pricing prices through our site increases rapidly. That's not illogical: comparison sites for health insurance, energy suppliers and hotel booking and air travel have been out of the ordinary for the Netherlands.

Do some work before a purchase, just orientate before ordering something, weigh the options well: it's definitely worth it. Compare the taxi prices of several providers at saves you a lot. We found out that the cheapest taxi between the center of Amsterdam and the airport ( BIOS Schiphol Taxi ) is 60 percent cheaper than some competitors.

In Utrecht, Taxi Gigant with a price of 54 euros is 58 percent cheaper than some other providers. In The Hague, Rotterdam and Den Bosch, these differences are around 50 percent. In cities like Amersfoort, Leiden, Eindhoven and Hilversum, where many travelers use our comparison site also, the difference is close to 40 percent.

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Look out what you book. Or before you book. Compare what you pay. You want your holidays starting with a reliable driver who is on time when you are ready waiting with your suitcases. And you want your taxi has no impact on your holiday budget. To spend a lot of your holiday budget on a taxi is a waste of money.

There's nothing wrong with every now and then a good save on your budget? Keep your money for duty free shopping, an extra beach cocktail and pricey tickets for the theme park where the kids want to go. For those too expensive sunglasses or more souvenirs from your holiday country.

Have a nice holiday.

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